Category: Learning

  • Moving Up & On

    This is the beginning of what I plan to be my mission. As I work with people (teachers, students, community members) I always take them for where they are at. No one can grow, no one can learn, unless you take them from wherever they are (point A) and help them get to where they […]

  • Essays: By hand or computer?

    Hey Mr. Nocek’s classes – you just took a test and had the option of handwriting or word processing the essay. Which do you prefer? Why? Do you find that you write more/better when using the computer? Please comment back on this – thanks! Mr. R.

  • Worldwide Conferences at Your Computer

    I had the opportunity to participate in a web seminar (web-inar) today regarding 1 to 1 computing. There are a number of schools and states that are starting a program to equip every student with some form of computing device (laptop, PDA, tablet) in order to promote better learning. I hope this concept is one […]

  • Printed Directions?

    Hey kids, How do you figure out how to do things on the computer? Do you prefer printed step-by-step directions, or do you just keep trying until you get it (and ask for help along the way)? Post a comment here with your thoughts – thanks!

  • “WITS for Kids”

    We are going to be rolling out a new web interface for students this fall in the form of WITS. It is the same WITS that staff has used for a few years now, but focused on information that students need. When a student logs into WITS (using the same web address –, he/she […]