Examview and CPS

Mrs. Petersen got into the swing of CPS today using the CDs that accompany the math textbook. Examview is a test question generating program which also links directly to CPS. With a few clicks, you have access to hundreds of questions that correlate to the textbook. In the case of math, one neat additional feature is the ability to regenerate questions with different values for extra practice. Mrs. Petersen’s students were clicking their way to better math knowledge!


I was introduced to a cool new conept in an online professional development chat – Ethnomathematics. Simply put, it is the study of math through world cultures. The chat I was in revolved around art and its relation to math.

The Ethnomath Digital Library contains links to many sites with world connections to math. Click here to see it

Oriental Rugs and Symmetry – very cool! Check them out here

Math is everywhere – not just the US, but the world – Ethnomathematics brings math and the world together.

Start Small

Integrating technology into the classroom does not mean that you have to totally redo what or how you teach. There is no need to use the “latest and greatest” tech tool just because it is there. Rather, the best way to integrate is by starting small – find one little piece that will fit nicely into what you already do. If it is successful and useful, that may lead to a little more or a little different technology integration. This gradual “snowball” effect is what helps to transform the teaching and learning process, and is a very potent way to make a difference with students.

What Matters?

When it comes to using computer technology in school, it is easy to get sidetracked by the latest “cool” thing. There are 2 key questions to ask before using computer technology in the classroom.

1. Does the technology allow for new and unique learning experiences that are not possible without it?
2. Does the technology allow for increased, more efficient learning that is not be possible without it?

If neither question gets a yes response, consider whether it is worth the time to use the technology.