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  • Reflections on Monday at NYSCATE

    So for a new twist, I’ve taken the notes from the sessions I attended on Monday at NYSCATE (from scraps of paper, my iPod touch, etc.) and dumped them into Wordle to see if there are any over-arching ideas I heard (or more likely, focused on). Here is the result: I think it’s too soon […]

  • Who Moved My Tools?

    With credit to Spencer Johnson and his book, Who Moved My Cheese?, who moved my tools? The tools I’m referring to are the software tools that we rely on every day. I’ve had a great time at NYSCATE so far, in the hands-on workshops that precede the regular conference. I spent two rewarding days with […]

  • Off to NYSCATE 2008

    The annual state conference for educational technology, sponsored by NYSCATE, is this weekend. Just a few of the things I’m really looking forward to are… …weekend workshops with David Jakes. David does incredible work in his district, and is very motivating to work with. He’s doing the Sunday keynote as well. …a ton of sessions […]

  • WordCamp & the Gallery

    So I’m trying out the gallery feature for the first time, something I learned from Rannie’s presentation on Saturday. Hat tip to verneho’s flickr photo set for the images! Photos: WordCamp Toronto Logo, Swag, Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress)

  • WordCamp Toronto 2008

    I’m excited about attending a geeky opportunity this weekend – WordCamp Toronto. WordCamp is a gathering of WordPress users held regionally around the world throughout the year (see this page for other WordCamps). Over two years ago I switched to using WordPress to power this blog, and never looked back. 🙂 One of the main […]

  • On Making Software Accessible

    I’ve been listening to the NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) podcasts available free via iTunes. David Thornburg, leading thinker and educator, spoke in a presentation titled, “Open Minds, Open Education, and a View of Open Culture.” The focus was on 1:1 programs for students and open source software. The quote that jumped out at me […]

  • Bravo, Ladies!

    Three students from Heim recently won the Generation YES Go Green video contest. In the contest, students were directed to produce a video about how our school is Green and/or how it could be better at it. In the GenYES spirit, all aspects had to be student-driven. I can tell you without a doubt it […]

  • Podcasting in Science Class

    One of the best technology conferences recently was one I did not go to. Rather, it was one I was supposed to go to, but due to a very busy schedule in the labs, could not. So at the last minute I approached a science teacher to go in my place. It was the best […]

  • Embedding a Google Docs Presentation File

    I’m in a meeting where Chris Shively from Alden is doing a presentation on open source software tools. His Google Docs presentation file is embedded in his blog. Here is a test to see how the embedding feature works, using a presentation file some of the tech facilitators created after NYSCATE in November…

  • A School is People Learning: Revisited

    Forgive me for waxing a bit philosophical here, but I want to spend a bit of time revisiting my mantra for education…A School is People Learning. I first wrote about it here during NYSCATE last year, and reaffirmed it here just before this school year started. This year’s NYSCATE brought it back again. At Milton […]