Author: Michael

  • Happy New Year

    We are about to embark on a new school year, and are full of new and exciting technologies. From the SMARTRoom to outside phone lines in each classroom, teachers, students, and parents are more connected than ever. Great things are going to happen this year, and the winners will be the learners.

  • What Matters?

    When it comes to using computer technology in school, it is easy to get sidetracked by the latest “cool” thing. There are 2 key questions to ask before using computer technology in the classroom. 1. Does the technology allow for new and unique learning experiences that are not possible without it? 2. Does the technology […]

  • Rock ‘n Roll

    We are ready to Rock ‘n Roll, that is. As of today, all new equipment has been received and most is set up and ready to go. The SMARTRoom is being setup, the new mobile lab has arrived, the portable writing tablets are here, and new printers are installed. Wireless connections to the network and […]

  • Protection on the Internet

    Our senior network engineer in the district, Bob Rossi, said recently that in the past year, the amount of bad & nasty viruses, worms, etc. on the Internet has increased far more than in any previous period. Michael Dell, chariman of Dell Computer Corporation, recently sent out a letter to all Dell customers regarding this […]

  • SMARTBoards are here!

    The SMARTBoards have arrived. We are most grateful to the PTSA for funding the purchase of these boards. The boards are interactive whiteboards which allow for some really neat possibilities in the classroom. Check out educational applications at this link:

  • Maximizing the Potential

    Over the past couple of years we have introduced quite a bit of new educational technology to Heim, and this fall we will introduce a few more initiatives. It is exciting to have new technologies to incorporate into the classroom. It is also a challenge to know what is availalbe and how to implement it. […]

  • The Change is On!

    The major change we planned for this summer is converting all Macintosh computers to the updated operating system, OS X. Mrs. Mendola has begun the process wih the iBooks on the mobile cart. The conversion process is quite easy, and the new operating system is EXCELLENT! I’m quite sure once everyone learns about the new […]

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Heim Middle Computer Blog. This is the place to check out for what is going on in computer technology!

  • Goals For This Blog

    There are so many cool things happening in computer technology. Every day I hear of something great that would be super to try in school. It can be hard for everyone to learn about and keep up with what is going on, so this Blog will serve as a diary of what we are doing, […]

  • Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Me

    I am a former music geek who turned into a computer geek. When I’m not checing out the latest and greatest trends in technology (such as Blogs), you’ll find me hiking in the woods with my family, jogging, or on a really high rollercoaster screaming my lungs out.