Back in Toronto

Point A: Buffalo
Point B: Toronto

I have always loved going to Toronto as it has all the big city happenings, and is only a couple of hours away. I took a field trip in early October for the first time since the pandemic and had a blast.

I’m a sucker for design and layout, and spent the first chunk of time exploring Union Station, which has been undergoing major renovation for quite a few years. There are so many cool places tucked away on different levels, and finding them is fun. The renovations are still underway but much progress has been made.

After Union Station, the next stop <had> to be the CN Tower. I still get excited riding the elevator up, and the views are awesome. A lot of renovation has occurred there as well, and work is underway on a new and expanded glass floor. The current glass floor is partially viewable during the work.

Next up was a new venture out to Ontario Place via the Harbourfront streetcar from Union Station to the CNE. I plotted a path to walk back downtown from there, and hoped to explore some new places. I was not disappointed. There is a terrific walking path system, and along it went by a numerous parks and public access areas, and discovered/learned about the Toronto Music Garden. What a treasure of a public space with beautiful gardens and views.

Back downtown, it was time for a break at the tasty Steam Whistle Brewery. After that, it was a short subway ride uptown to The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar where an amazing duo was performing a set. Dinner and some nice conversation with the players rounded out a super day. The hour-ish ride back on the GO Train to Burlington Station was uneventful, as was the drive back home after that. I learned long ago that it is much more enjoyable to train in from outside the city than deal with downtown traffic.

Below are an array of pictures and a few videos from the day. I’m looking forward to the next time Toronto is Point B!

Pulling out of Burlington Station.
Street car and subway cars are connected with accordion-style open gangways between them.
Beautiful day in the dog park.