Glogging NYSCATE 2010

NYSCATE 2010 has begun in Rochester. I am going to try a different approach to posting snippets of my experiences (rather than a stream of tweets). Here is a Glog of workshops, ideas, blurbs, etc. that are coming out of NYSCATE. I’m putting this up on Saturday afternoon, and will hopefully add as the conference goes on…

Sunday night update – learned quite a bit about Glogster, including the need to save often in case your finicky wireless internet connection goes kapoof while working…

Monday night update – what a thought-provoking, enriching day. IMHO, Heidi Hayes Jacobs hit it out of the park with her passionate, intensely motivating keynote. Would need a thousand glogs to capture all her ideas…

Tuesday night update – NYSCATE delivered another great conference. Will need time to unpack it all, but I really did like glogging. There is definitely an artistic feel to putting together a glog – I’m going to put this one to rest for a while, but am very interested to revisit it, use it for talking points and reflect on what I thought was most important.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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