Typically my last post in June relates to how it is time to power down the blog, do some updates, tinker with the theme, and move into summer mode. This year this won’t happen for a couple of reasons. First, I’m very happy with how the blog has developed and become part of what I do. Things are humming along, and I don’t feel a need to change. Secondly, there is a transformation underway…

This past May I finished working on my administrative certification program for both School Building Leader and School District Leader at Canisius College. I am in the process of being certified through New York State (which is quite a process, but that topic would be a whole separate post). I will be able to apply for building or district level administrative positions.

This step allows me to move into another facet of the school structure, or another “life” as I like to think of it. Having been a student and an educator for many years, the opportunity to become an administrator is very exciting. I do not have agressive plans to pursue any administrative job that arises; rather I have opened the door for when the right opportunity comes along. It may be tomorrow, next week, or next year, but I am on the lookout.

One experience on the docket is to be the the assistant principal for our summer high school program. I was the intern for the program last summer and learned a great deal. I am looking forward to participating in such a great program. The staff is excellent, and the opportunity for students to both accelerate and remediate is great. The summer school experience allows me to get a sense for being an administrator.

This transformation is interesting and invigorating. I have long considered myself a learning junkie. I have also found that change every so often is a very good thing (as evidenced by my jump from music to computers a few years back). Change helps keep you fresh and (hopefully) on top of your game.

Down the road I picture myself in some sort of district level role as I do like working with systemic issues and solutions. Who knows what will happen, but the ride sure will be fun!

Image: High Tension by JGrindal on Flickr