TTT: Network Drives

Tuesday’s Technology Tip
Little ‘bytes’ of information to hopefully make your computing life easier

When you login in school, you automatically connect to a series of network drives, which are available for various purposes. To see what drives you connect to, double-click My Computer on the desktop, and look for the following:

Here is what each drive is for…

(H:) – your home folder – for personal files, etc. that noone else has access to
(I:) – summer school drive- for teachers and students in summer school to access and share files
(M:) – common Heim Middle drive- for Heim staff to access and share files (no student access)
(R:) – multimedia drive – where large files (movies, etc.) are stored and moved for class projects
(W:) – common district drive – for district staff to share files (no student access)
(Y:) – common staff/student drive – for all Heim staff and students to access and share files, including teacher dropboxes

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