TTT: Tabbed Browsing

Tuesday’s Technology Tip
Little Tips to Hopefully Help Make Your Computing Life Easier

You’ve used the Internet for a long time – but have you used tabs to keep your browsing less window-messy?

Whether you are using Firefox (which started the idea of tabbed browsing) or Internet Explorer, you can open new web pages in tabs, rather than new windows. When you open a page in a new tab, you will see just underneath the address bar folder-like tabs representing each window. One quick way to try this is by right-clicking a link and choosing “Open Link in New Tab.” You can also open new tabs by clicking on the File menu and choosing New Tab.

Tabs are handy, for example, if you are doing a search, and open different search results in different tabs in order to quickly compare them. To close an individual tab, click on the x on the right side of the particular tab.

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked – happy tabbing!

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