Video Poems

We just finished a video poem project with Mrs. Calandra’s classes. The idea came from a Creative Educator article I have on my digital storytelling page. The twist we added was to have the students put imagery to their own original poetry. I have to say I was very excited by the level of work everyone did. I hope to be able to post some of the student work here in the near future (working on the logistics/legal stuff regarding that now…)

In the mean time, the students motivated me to create my own piece. I chose to write a reflective poem about one of my favorite books that I just re-read, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I also wrote a little refelction on my Shelfari page about the book.

Thanks to the students in Mrs. Calandra’s class for motivating me on this – I hope you like it. (click below to play)

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Dodging, swooping, yelling, screaming;
Why don’t you stay away?
Useless, crass, dirty, rude;
Please GO AWAY.

I did not see you since you were off on your
When you soared by I thought you were
one of the bunch.

How is it possible we want the same things?
What makes us so much the same although we are
vastly different?

PLEASE let me
fly with you.