Sweet Camcorder

I was at a friend’s house over the weekend for a suprise party. They have a brand new HD camcorder that I noticed on the counter. You know how sometimes you see something, pick it up, and get that OH WOW feeling? Well that’s just what I got with this baby…it’s a JVC Everio GZ-HD3, 60 GB hard drive, HD camcorder.


There are a number of wow things on it, and I do not know how JVC HD camcorders stack up to the competition, but I can tell you that picking this up and using it was awesome. Among the things in this $700 (via Amazon) package is a 3CCD lens, HD recording, HDMI connector, external mic input, and lots more. In terms of connections to other devices – take a look:


It is amazing to see what a (comparatively) small amount of money will buy in camcorders these days. We paid the same, or more, for cameras just a few years ago that do not hold a candle to what this has on board.

The HD movement in video, and digital broadcasting of all TV by next year, has lots of implications for how we move forward in schools. We have no equipment that truly supports the new video standards. A camcorder such as this JVC model would be the tip of a huge iceberg in terms of the type of equipment we would need to realize its potential. While we begin to think about that, I’ll have my nose pressed up against the store window drooling at this delightful piece of technology!

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