We introduced the TechYES program to a pilot group of students today. The Gifted Programming teacher and myself are taking a group of 12 students through the certification process this semester to get a full understanding of how this can work. The initial reaction from the students was very positive. When they understood that THEY get to pick the project, and that THEY drive the learning, they were very excited. The TechYES program puts the students in charge of what and how they learn. We spend so much time (appropriately) helping teachers learn and integrate technology, in hopes that it will transfer to the students. In this model, the students and the learning are the focus – what a refreshing and direct approach!

There are many things we need to learn as we try this out – more related to how a full scale roll out would be managed with an entire grade or school – 12 is an easy number to deal with but plenty to start :-).

I’ve been following and impressed with the GenYES folks for a while, and their work is worth the time to investigate. I’m looking forward to some great projects!

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2 responses to “TechYES”

  1. Megan Evander Avatar

    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for spreading the word about TechYES! I am so excited for you and your students to start the TechYES program. I think your students will have a lot of fun with it and learn a lot too! I have been a subscriber to your blog for a while but I never made the connection that it was you 🙂 Thanks again and check out the TechYES resource CD for some student produced introduction movies 🙂

  2. Michael Avatar

    Thanks, Megan – we watched the intro movie together – it was very cool to see the student produced the video. I’m excited about how this is going to play out – thanks for your support!