Reflecting on Our Digital Storytelling Project

Now that we have finished the personal narrative piece in ELA incorporating digital storytelling, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

  1. Do you think your writing improved as a result of this project? Give at least two reasons why or why not.
  2. How was this project different than if we simply wrote a personal narrative?
  3. Would you want to do something like this again?





63 responses to “Reflecting on Our Digital Storytelling Project”

  1. Alyssa Avatar

    1. yes, i think my writing has improved i little because i can hear my own words and be able to tell if i can use different words to help the reader undersatnd better.

    2. it is different because you record your voice and put pictures to go along with your vioce so you can visuallize what is really happening.

    3. yes, i would like to do this again i had fun working on it and using different software.

  2. serar Avatar

    from my point of view I think that my writing improved in a way because my english and reading grades went up because I had to do alot of writing for this project and in that time I felt that I should take it upon myself to revise my story so I would not studer during the voice recording so I myself say yes my writing did improve.

  3. Cody Avatar

    1.)I think that my writing skills have became better because of the iMovie project. Now I understand when to put your voice into your writing and when you shouldn’t. Also I now that you should be very descriptive.
    2.)It was different because instead of standing up in front of the class and be nervous when you are reading your personal narrative you record it when you are not in front of people and it is less scary. It was also more fun to do then writing.
    3.)I would like to do another iMovie. It is more fun than writing any old personal narrative on a piece of paper.

  4. Eric F Avatar
    Eric F

    1.i think my writting got better because we were writting alot but i also think that my typing got better.

    2.the project was different because we were typing,recording,and ading affects.writting a personal nerative would have been different because it is not as fun,you wouldn’t be adding pictures and sounds.

    3.i would wan’t to do this again in school. if i had this technology at home i would do this when ever i had spare time.

  5. Nathan D. Avatar
    Nathan D.

    1.I do not think that this progect changed my writing because it did not have much to do with writing.
    2.It would be muth different because then there would be nothing to do with the computer
    3.Yes, I would

  6. Haneul Avatar

    1.i dont think my writing got better because i didnt do that much wrting.
    2. this imovie project is more fun than the personal narrative because i got to use technology with it.
    3.yes i would like to do this again because it was so much fun.

  7. Dante Avatar

    1.No I don’t think my writing has improved because i have done this kind of writing before.
    2.Its different because you talk about yourself not write about yourself.
    3.yes i would because it was fun.

  8. emily b Avatar
    emily b

    .1 no I don’t think my writing changed because we didn’t write or type it we told it
    .2 Well it is different because it was not as boring and it was told not writen
    .3 yes because because it is fun to do and your hands don’t get cramped.

  9.  Avatar

    1. No not really cause I still write the same way I always did, I just kind of have better Ideas from before.
    2.You get to do so much more than just write,like recording, and adding music and pictuse, they help desribe the story alot better.
    3.Yes,cause It was alot of fun.

  10. kevin Avatar

    1. I don’t think my writing inproved because there was any revising or editing to see what mistake we made and how we could improve it. Also we did not do much writing and when we did it was not really even a sentence.
    2.It was different from a personal narritive because you don’t use a slide show in a personal naritive.Your also telling about one specific part of your life not just about you.
    3. I would don’t think I would not want to do somthing like this again because it did not i don’t like giving away info about my life.

  11. Sara Avatar

    1.Yes, my writing has improved. I have been pushing myself to be a better writer, because of the imovie.
    2.I would defenitly have to say that this was much more fun, tan just putting it all on a piece of paper!
    3.I would love to do this again! It was so much fun to actually be able to tell someone a story wihtout really speaking!

  12. Kaitlin Avatar

    1. Yes, I think my writing has improved because I can hear what I’m saying on the computer instead of on a piece of paper.

    2. It was different because you can hear what your saying.

    3. Yes, I would like to do this project again because it was fun!

  13. Mr. Russo Avatar

    1. I think my writing improved because I learned that writing for reading is very different than writing for speaking. Also, I understand more of how to try to focus on one moment in time for a story.

    2. I think this project is much more rich since it includes pictures and audio. Your story can be much more descriptive.

    3. Absolutely!!!