Digital Storytelling 2.0 with David Jakes – NYSCATE

The presentation resources can be found  on David’s wiki page.

One of the reasons I’ve followed David’s work for a while is his focus on digital storytelling. In this session he talked about the fundamentals of good stories, and about his influence and work with the Center for Digital Storytelling. The key to developing good stories is to start with a personal narrative, share in a circle, and discover what the true story is. Then, bring that out and build it up with images. There needs to be a fundamental theme to the story in order to be effecitve.

The focus of the session was on the new tools now coming online to support digital storytelling. Rather than having software on the local computer, it lives on the internet, accesible from anywhere. Not all these tools are ready for prime time, but this is where storytelling is going…

New Media
Flickr and Flikr Storm. In Flickr Storm, you can search for Creative Commons attribution licensed work. You can add photos to a tray and create a page with selected photos. Here is a quick photo set I created when I searched for Buffalo, NY. That photo set will remain at that url as long as the Flicr Storm site exists. One way to help to protect younger children searching for photos is to create photo sets in flickr storm and link them for kids, so they don’t search themselves.

New Tools
Editing software is now online – JumpCut – new tool from CDS about connecting stories to place (location)

New Composition Strategies
See Jon Orech’s resources on this page with tutorials

CDS Stories for change site is a place to contribute stories with real meaning.

Its amazing where digital storytelling has come in the last 10 years. I’ve just begun rolling it out in our schools recently, and will be presenting on that in my session on Tuesday. What’s more amazing is where storytelling is going to go in the next 5 years as these new tools mature. Thanks, David, for another great presentation!





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