What Makes a Web Site “2.0”

So “Web 2.0” is the term for the second generation of web sites. What exactly are the characteristics of a site that make it 2.0?

Sites that are “Web 2.0” typically include most of the following:worldwide_web_network_cables.jpg

  • publishing (writing, pictures, videos…)
  • networking (link and group with other users on the site)
  • tagging (keywording)
  • RSS feed (for others to be able to subscribe to your site)

If you take this blog as an example, it has 3 of the 4 listed – publishing, tagging and RSS. Blogs are the hallmark of Web 2.0. You’ll find that many sites now qualify for the new generation. In the old web, pages were there to read. In the new web, pages are there to to contribute to.

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