Virtual Attendance Still Requires Planning Ahead

In my virtual attendance of NECC, the first thing I have learned is that to keep on top of the flood of information coming out of NECC via blogs, etc., you have to have to know what is going on so you can key into those sessions. Since I was not attending, I did not spend the time with the NECC Conference Planner tool as I have in the past. I would typically spend a few weeks visiting and revisiting the schedule to tweak what I wanted to see (with 2 or 3 backups). I did none of that this year, and now skimming all the posts is rather daunting, trying to grab out what seems important.

My reaction during the conference is that I’m not a fan of live-blogging. Essentially you get note-taking, which is not bad compared to the alternative, but I look to blogging to have some sort of summary, or point of view, not just a chronological telling of events. I think the best part of blogging happens in the days (weeks) after an event, when things are fresh, and people have some time to reflect a bit.

That being said, one of the great things that happened this year, thanks to Steve Hargadon, is that every session has a unique tag. So, by searching using that tag, one can hopefully review the conference schedule in hindsight, and get the feedback which has the reflection time in it.