NECC 2007

The National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) is about to launch in Atlanta thisnecc-atlanta.gif weekend. I was almost able to pull off attending this year – but various reasons are preventing me. I’m severely bummed, as the last time I went was in Philadelphia in 2005, but I’m going to capitalize on this by seeing just how much one can get from virtual attendance – keeping up with the conference goings-on with blogs, videocasts, podcasts, etc.

One of the things I’m going to try for the first time is David Warlick’s conference tracking website, Hitchikr. It is designed to be a place to virutally attend a conference for those who cannot physically be there. Along with that, there are a series of blog tools available at the NECC website that should provide plenty of opportunity to keep up.

I’m less than optimistic about virtual attendance vs. in-person, but I’m very open to having my mind changed!

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