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If I were stuck on a desert island with one piece of technology…

Suddenly this week, CPS (“the clickers”) became the hot-ticket item. Their use goes in spurts – for a while noone uses them, then all of a sudden everyone wants them. At the Erie 1 BOCES Technology Integrators Forum (TIF) thiis week, 2 teachers presented about their use of CPS. At Heim, quite a few teachers signed them out this week.

On the way back from TIF, Mr. Talarico and I got into a discussion about what the most important technologies are. We talked about many of the current and new tools out there, along with their pros and cons.

This leads into my question (revisiting a common idea) – If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one item/piece/type of technology, what would it be? I have my thoughts about what it would be for me, but I’m going to hold back for a few days and see if I can get some other responses.

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Are there trees on this island? If so, I would bring an axe so I could make a nice house. If not, I would at least bring a fishing pole so I could eat.

If we’re only talking electronic technology, where would you plug it in?

Interesting thoughts – thanks! My original thinking for me was to have the Internet as my technology, but as Mr. Coia points out, that assumes electicity. The Internet requires electricity, a computer and a connection to the internet, which ends up being many technologies. If I had to pick one, I would have to pick electricity, since the rest would not work without it.

We all learned recently just how important electricity is to our daily lives when we lost it for a week…

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