Technology Be Gone!

One of my focuses now moves to talking about what makes learning better – not the technology tool, but rather the situation/experience for the learning to happen. Sure technology can take it to a new level, but the focus has to remain on the learning.

I just finished an introductory workshop on Marzano’s What Works in Classrom Instruction. The focus was on technology tools to support the 9 strategies, but the key is the 9 strategies:

  • Identifying similarities and differences
    Summarizing and note taking
    Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
    Homework and practice
    Nonlinguistic representations
    Cooperative learning
    Setting goals and providing feedback
    Generating and testing hypotheses
    Activating prior knowledge

I’m not sure yet how, but I’m thinking the focus of some posting here is going to focus on these, as they are about the learning, and not the technology.