There is a lot of talk right now about when keyboarding should be taught in school. Historically it has been done at the high school, but since computers and keyboards are ssuch an integral part of our daily lives, it appears that keyboarding instruction should come earlier. Research shows that early keyboarding classes will help the most.

What are your thoughts on keyboarding instruction (time spent learning how to keyboard correctly)? Do you think it would help you? Do you think you type well enough already? How did you learn to type the way you do now?

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2 responses to “Keyboarding”

  1. sana shakil Avatar
    sana shakil

    I also think that keyboarding should be taught at an earlier age. It would definetle be a whole lot easier on homework and things like that. I usually don’t type my homework because it takes me just as long to write it and in that much time someone else needs to use the computer.I think that keyboarding should become part of the ciriculum of 3rd graders and all grades above that. Because computers are basiclly part of our everyday lives and if we typed faster it would be better because in the time that we save we can do something else. Maybe we should make a suggestion to the district asking them to start teaching keyboarding at an earlier age.

  2. Lindsay Burstein Avatar
    Lindsay Burstein

    I think that you should teach keyboarding at a younger age because then students can write their reports wuicker and other daily things that they need to do.